House Lifting Preserves 50 Years of Family Memories

Dunleavy Design Build’s latest project has been extremely successful! The house lifting remains on target and within budget, as we continue to preserve the history and integrity of the home at 45 Bacon Street. We hope that our Suburban Renewal concept sheds light for others on the benefits of preservation and maintaining the history that makes our Winchester community so special.

Featured below is a heartfelt testimonial from the former 45 Bacon Street homeowners. Continue reading and you can see the amount of history, memories and love a home can hold for one family. The entire Dunleavy team is overjoyed that we were able to keep these special moments alive for this Winchester family.

“My mom and my sisters are enjoying watching your videos that are transforming our former home on Bacon Street into a beautiful new home for your family. My mom is 95 years old and she still remembers when the original house was built on the old Ginn Estates in 1954. The contractor was the Sylvester family that lived on Main Street. My mom still has the original blueprints. I remember my dad saying our house was built on solid rock that had to be blasted away for the foundation to be laid. We were one of the first families that moved into that 1950’s Ginn Estate development and as a boy I used to play in the old Music Hall that was behind our house up on the hill. In the 50′s, there were still formal affairs held at that Music Hall until it was finally knocked down. The Cades lived in the old Carriage house, which is still on Ginn Road, another relic of a bygone era. Our family loved Winchester and all have fond memories of living there. My sisters and I all graduated from Winchester High School and still live in Massachusetts. We wish you the very best in your endeavor and hope you enjoy living under the roof of your 45 Bacon Street home as much as we did. It will always be a very special place for us.”

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Welcome to the Gerry Dunleavy Design Build Blog!

We are thrilled to announce that this week marks the ground breaking of our Suburban Renewal project! With the architectural plans complete, my family and I would like to share our renovation journey with you in the upcoming months.

The Beginnings of Suburban Renewal

As a long time Winchester resident, I understand the importance of preserving our community and the history of the homes that are here. Having a commitment to working with the elements and materials that already exist, combined with environmental and economic considerations, lead us to our concept of Suburban Renewal.

As my wife, Toni, and I began the search for our new home we concentrated on a “fixer upper” close to the center of Winchester. Recognizing that finding a home with everything we wanted would be a difficult, time-consuming task, we inevitably purchased the residence at 45 Bacon Street and found something more valuable than matching everything on our wish list; we found potential.

With the house not meeting all of our initial criteria, some designers would have been inclined to tear down the structure and build from a new plan. After careful planning and a considerable focus on preserving the home’s history and integrity, we were able to develop a new plan that transforms our one-story, 7’5″ ceiling ranch into a two-story home that caters to the active lifestyles of our four children.

Using a real-time design process, we have developed an environmentally and economically sound means of transforming the existing structure into a home that fulfills all our needs. Yesterday, we began raising the existing house and suspending it in the air as we build the new footprint of the first floor below. As we build, the current house will continue to be raised until we are ready to set the old home on top of the new structure.

Although we are undertaking the substantial renewal of an entire home, we hope our concept sheds light for others on the benefits of preservation and maintaining the architectural integrity that makes our community so special.

We are very excited about our new plans for our home and the project we are undertaking. We hope you will enjoy following the process with us, and please check back periodically to see video, photo and our updates on the process.

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